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To Taxi or Not To Taxi?

Airport Taxi drivers often find themselves gridlocked in commuter traffic, which can be quite a predicament for both the driver and his passengers. Bus drivers in Istanbul face the same traffic obstacles, with the addition of driving a substantially larger vehicle. It is quite complicated for bus drivers in big cities like Istanbul to navigate through busy streets safely. Because of the heavy volume of traffic in Istanbul, taking a taxi or a bus is definitely a risky choice, especially if you want to arrive anywhere on time.

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For many travelers and city residents for whom time is an issue during travel, another popular public transportation choice is to take the subway or "Metro." A benefit of taking this form of transportation is that the hardship of navigating traffic has been eliminated because subways do not travel on the streets with traffic. As we all know, Metro systems were built to specifically avoid traffic, so this can be a plus for taking the subway in Istanbul.

The danger of utilizing the Metro system in any big city is that you are then faced with a staggering crowd of people who all want to use the same mode of transportation. The hazard in this is that you will put your own life in danger if you should perchance happen to be riding with someone dangerous. Big crowds often invite trouble because with more people around, it becomes increasingly difficult to see any crimes that may take place. With standing room only often the case in many Metro trains, wallets and purses frequently get stolen. This is a crisis to those travelers who are on vacation, especially if their passports are taken.

Even during the times of day when the Metro isnt jam-packed, you will be far from traveling alone and in comfort. If you are lucky enough to find a seat, chances are good that the seat next to you will also be filled, leaving you with a huge lack of privacy. Another point to mention about public transportation is that you will definitely be required to walk much further than if you choose a private transportation option. If you are disabled in any way, or are in poor physical condition, taking the stairs to reach some Metro stations can prove to be too much. Also remember that public transportation runs on a tight schedule, and most forms of transport only run during certain hours every day. Anyone who needs to travel outside of those hours will need to find an alternative form of transportation.

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