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City Transfer to Taksim

If you are lucky enough to be vacationing in the beautiful country of Turkey, there are so many incredible historic and significant sights to see at every turn. If you've determined that you just aren't in the mood to deal with public transportation, Istanbul Transfer is the perfect private transfer company to get you to all of the tourist attractions that you wish to see. Who wants to wrangle with a taxi driver who you can't communicate with? Waiting for the Metro can be time-consuming, hot and tiring. And while bus travel is economical, do you really want to be bounced around with a multitude of strangers crammed into the same hot space?

Istanbul Taksim Area

We're glad you chose to take a private car with us, and we have English speaking drivers who can help you as you make your way to your daily destination(s). Today, we'd like to give you a little information about what is known as the heart of modern Istanbul: Taksim Square. In Turkish, it's referred to as Taksim Meydani, and it's located about 5 km Northeast from Istanbul's city centre.

Taksim Square was formed in the late 19th century, and got its name due to the fact that it was the site of the main water lines for Istanbul and surrounding areas, and the water lines then branched off and sent water to the different parts of the city. Taksim means distribution. Although Taksim Square has been the location of numerous political protests in the past, some of which turned violent, today those types of demonstrations are banned, and the area has become quite popular for Turkish natives and visitors alike.

The best thing to do in Taksim Square is to GO SHOPPING! There is a very long main street called Istiklal Avenue that is solely for foot traffic.  In English this translates to Independence Avenue. This Avenue is in fact one of the most popular streets in all of Istanbul and sees upwards of 2.5 million visitors daily. Measuring approximately 1.4 km, Istiklal Avenue houses a plethora of shops, ranging from bookstores and music stores to boutiques, art galleries and clothing shops.

Taksim Istiklal Streets

You'll never find yourself hungry on Istiklal Avenue, either, with its long list of cafes, restaurants, chocolatiers, bakeries, pubs and street vendors. There are sounds and smells wafting through the air at all times, and a bustling crowd that shuffles around the tram which visitors can take if they tire out. You're also likely to see some street performers as you walk up and down the Avenue.

All in all, Taksim Square feels alive and thriving, with plenty of things to do, see, eat, drink and watch. There is literally something for everyone there, from very young children to their parents and grandparents. Istanbul Transfer Company can gladly pick you up at your hotel and drive you to Taksim Square in comfort. After you have enjoyed everything that appeals to you, your driver will return you to your hotel at your desired pick-up time.

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Thank you for your excellent service!

We were 2 hours late arriving into Istanbul and were very pleased to find our transfer still waiting for us. Also upon checking out of our hotel we again used your service for transfers to the pier and you company was there even early to pick us up...

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Very professional service....

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Great service.
Definitely will use it again....

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